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Your hotel/resort sales are directly proportional to the experience that your customers get. Get the best industry interior designers to curate your customer experience. Hire the experts with BricksVilla today!

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Moduler Kitchen

Estelle L-shaped Kitchen
Aspen L-shaped Kitchen
Chloe Kitchen WIth Island Counter

Living Rooms

Chromatic Welcome
Modern Contemporary Living Room
Vanilla Twilight

Bed Rooms

Serene Chic Guest Bedroom
Contemporary Spring Guest Bedroom
Retro Fusion Guest Bed Room

Kids Room's

Olive Kids Bedroom Interior Design
Verdant Kids Bedroom Interior Design
Dignified Kids Bedroom Interior Design

Modular Wardrobes

Brick Beauty
Snug Retreat
Amber Tales Swing-door Wardrobe

How It Works

We make home interiors a breeze!

Your dream home in 5 steps!

Looking to design your home interiors? Here's how you can get started.

Meet your designer


It all begins with a form
Let's get acquainted. The more we learn about you, the better we can design your home.

Get free consultation
Talk to your designer and get personalised designs and quote for your dream home.

Book Bricksvilla

Step 2

Pay 5% to seal the deal
Once you're happy with what we've proposed, book us.

Finalise your home design
Its time to deep dive into the nitty-gritties. Pick your favorite materials and finishes.

Place the order

Step 3

Start the order process with 50% payment
Finalise the design, and your project is now off to a good start.

Work commences
Civil work begins on site. Keep a tab on your project status on 'My Account'.

Execution and installation

Step 4

Pay 100% at execution milestone
Manufacturing of orders in process and you're mid-way through your project.

Orders get delivered on-site and installation happens as per design

Move in!

Step 5

Your dream home is now a reality! It's time to make new memories! Do avail the free professional photoshoot session of your #Bricksvilla.

The Team

Get to know the team that'll be with you every step of the way.

The Design Lead (DL)

The Design Lead gets to know your requirements and your lifestyle intimately to ensure your home is a reflection of
who you are.

The Business Manager (BM)

To ensure your home journey is smooth sailing, your Business Manager oversees the entire design process and ensures there are no hiccups.

The Project Manager (PM)

Your Project Manager steers the on-site execution. They make it their life's mission to get your home ready in time.